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Ed Whittingham - Consultant, Podcaster, Former Executive Director of the Pembina Institute

  • Energy transition in Alberta & Canada, Alberta's renewable moratorium, Alberta's electricity system

Janet Davidson - Head of the Nova Scotia Health Authority & a Foremost Expert in Canada's Health System

  • Canada's health system challenges, labour shortage, opportunities, major changes across the country including in Alberta

David Good - Executive Director at the Yanomami Foundation and PhD student at University of Guelph

Dr. Danielle Dick - Director, Rutgers Addiction Research Center (TBD)

  • Author of The Child Code: Understanding your child’s unique nature for happier, more effective parenting 

  • Professor of psychology, genetics, and neuroscience, and her book focuses on how to help children reach their potential by understanding the way each child is wired

Neal McLoughlin - Wildfire Forecaster, British Columbia

David Munkley - Eastern Zone Director at World Vision

Dr. Brendan Daisely - Bee Microbiome Researcher

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